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What is lag?
Lag is a computer term used when a programme or device starts to slow down and freeze etc. In this case its when MiniPlanet takes a while to load and the screen freezes every so often its usually caused when too many people are in one room and when your in a room with alot of moving items, roulette tables, dancefloors etc.

How do I delete my neighbors?
There is no way you can delete your neighbours, Although Suzy has said that the team are working on this feature.

How do I contact a Moderator?
You can email them through

‘I’ve paid for Gold but it hasn’t shown up in my balance’, What do I do?
If your Gold hasn’t shown up this might be caused because you’ve made a purchase at a high traffic time (this is when many other people were making purchases at the same time causing the system to slow down and work at a slower pace) It may take a few minutes for it to update, you’ll have to give at least 72 hours to update. But if 3 days have passed and your gold still hasn’t shown up you’ll have to report the issue to Facebook. NOT MiniPlanet as they do not control the purchases involving Facebook credits and cannot help you.
Report the issue by Looking on the right side of the screen (when using the MiniPlanet App) where the adverts are located, scroll to the bottom of the ads and you’ll notice a link saying ‘Report/Contact this App’ click it, and click the option involving Purchases and follow the easy steps and click the options regarding your situation.

How do I get my User Identification (UID)?
Your ID is found in the web address when your in your MiniPlanet profile, it will look similar to ''

Can I become a MiniPlanet Moderator?
No, Never will any normal player on MiniPlanet become a mod, being a Mod is a real job, it’s a lot of work moderating a site, let alone a game.

How do I upload a photo on to the forums?

Simple. Just go to and upload your image and copy the code that says 'IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards' and paste it in the text box on the thread!

I’ve been banned from events permanently, can I get unbanned?
No. Once banned from creating events there is no way back. Be more careful with what you post!

How do I know if a link is safe?
One way is to quote the post with the link in it and look at what the link really is, if it looks untrustworthy, don’t click on it! Another easier way to find out how to discover what’s safe and what’s not is to hover over the link and the link web address will appear in the bottom left hand corner of your screen, try it out now with this Link!

Is there any way I can exchange credits for Gold?
No, there is no facility that allows you to exchange credits for Gold or Gold for credits.

Can someone move in with me in my Pad?
No, you can’t move in to another pad. If anyone tells you otherwise they’re attempting to scam you!

Is MiniPlanet shutting down?
No, Suzy has informed us that there is no sign of MiniPlanet shutting down.

How do I become the MiniPlanet Outspoken member of the week?
The award is is given to a special someone who has stood out throughout the week commenting, making forum posts, and generally being active throughout all the services that the MiniPlanet Outspoken run!

How do I change my name?

What does ‘Bump’ mean?
Bump is the term used on any forum when a post is brought back to the top by commenting, this is known as ‘Bumping’ a thread, bumping it to the top!

Is there a question you want to ask? Email us at with your question and we will post it here, answered asap. Have these FAQ not been completely helpful? Reply to our help desk found on the right hand side column with your questions, comments and queries.